Art Curriculum Vitae - Tanya Ury

Since 1988 Ury has produced video, performance (including improvised poetry with musicians) and lectures for universities, exhibitions, conferences and festivals. She has made photographic and holographic art, created objects, audio texts and installation. She is also active as a writer (articles, short stories, poetry) and curator. Tanya Ury has shown her work extensively in: England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Canada, Taiwan, Israel, USA, Colombia, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

1951 * London (GB)
1993 English/German (dual) nationality & moved to Cologne (D)
1971 Foundation in Fine Art, Central School of Art and Design, London (GB)
1988 BA HONS in Fine Art, First Class, Exeter College of Art and Design (GB)

1989 1 semester, Institute for Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Cologne University with Erasmus grant (D)

1990 Masters in Fine Art, Distinction, Reading University (GB)

2009 Member of The Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (D)

2013 Member of the board for Trialog 4 Animals, TriAni e.V. - Interreligious & Intercultural Animal Welfare and Animal Rights (D)

2014-2018 Jury member for the Hans and Lea Grundig Prize, with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin (D)

Awards - Residencies

1990 British Academy Award, stipend for the Masters in Fine Art at Reading University (GB)
1990 Residency at The Media Centre, South Hill Park, Berkshire (GB)
1991-92 Colin Walker Fellowship in Fine Art (& guest lecturer) £6,000, Sheffield Hallam University (GB)
1996 Hotel Chelsea - Köln, VIVA 8 Festival, awarded Best Confrontational Video, London (GB)
2006 British Council Travel Award (200 Euros) for c.sides Festival, Jerusalem (IL)
2007 Promised Land: Beelzebularin awarded a commendation in the International Jewish Artists of the Year Awards, Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art (GB)
2007 (27.9.-3.10) ”Avant-Garde Dating", a week’s Wooloo performance residency with Laurel Jay Carpenter, during Art Forum, at The New Life Shop Art Gallery, Choriner Strasse 85, Berlin (D)
2013 Kulturamt (Art’s Council equivalent) 6,000 Euro funding for Hair Shirt Army, an installation (13.2.-April 2014), to be presented in the vault of EL-DE-Haus, The Nazi Documentation Centre, Cologne (D) 

Hungarian translation Kristóf Szabó

French Canadian - Français canadien