Solo Events

1989 Incommunicado, Institute of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Cologne (solo) (D)
1992 False Premises, Play in Camera, Fellowship exhibition, Sheffield Hallam University (GB)
1992 False Premises (video presentation), Break the Silence - A Video Diary and workshop, Fine Art Department, Cardiff Institute of Education, Wales (GB)
1993 Seduction 2, False Premises, Department of Holography, Royal College of Art, London (GB)
1994 False Premises as video edition, Grey Suit Magazine, (spring) no.5, Cardiff, Wales (GB)
1995 Slide reading Jewish & Body Politics, Kölnisch Wasser (documentation), False Premises, Fine Art Department, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (CAN)
1996 Play it by Ear, Artillerie, Cologne (D)
1996 Triptych for a Jewish Princess Second Generation, Foyer Feminale Women's Film Festival, Cologne (D)
1996 Slide reading: Jewish & Body Politics, screening of Hotel Chelsea - Köln, Fine Art Department, Reading University (GB)
1996 Lecture: Jewish & Body Politics, screening of Kölnisch Wasser documentation, Fine Art department, Staffordshire University (GB)
1997 Slide reading Clash of Symbols, Hotel Chelsea - Köln, Der durchtriebene Blick (The Sly Look), Institute of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Cologne (D)
1997 Kölnisch Wasser (live video/performance), Hotel Chelsea - Köln, False Premises, A weekend of video, performance & workshops, Cuba Cultur, Münster (D)
1997 Golden Showers live video/performance, Schauraum Cologne (D)
1997 Golden Showers Installation, City Library, Munster (D)
1998 Die Gehängten & Zwischen Imagination und Realität - Ulrike Ottinger Film Regisseurin (Between Imagination and Reality - Ulrike Ottinger Film Director) (slide readings), Schnürschuh Theatre Bremen (D)
1998 Slide reading, Zwischen Imagination und Realität - Ulrike Ottinger Film Regisseurin (Between Imagination and Reality - Ulrike Ottinger Film director), Jewish Women in Germany, University of Cologne (D)
1999 Golden Showers Installation, The Lux Cinema Foyer, London (GB)
2000 Hung Up, Dual(national)ity (slide reading & workshop), Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Sussex University (GB)
2000 Hung Up, Dual(national)ity (slide readings) & workshop, Hildesheim University (D)
2001 Hermes Insensed, Ô d'Oriane, Sonata in Sea, Hotel Seehof, Zurich (CH)
2002 Hotel Chelsea - Köln photo series Köln Kultur 30 (D)
2002 Hermes Insensed with reading, Galerie 68Elf Cologne (D)
2002 Jacob's Ladder with performance Red Hot Pokers finissage 9th Nov. 2002, Cologne's Long Museum's Night, Hochbunker Cologne-Ehrenfeld (D)
2005 (22.12) Hotel Chelsea – Köln, video and photographs, 10 year anniversary in the Suite, Chelsea Hotel, Cologne (D)
2005 (31.1) Montagspraxis (Monday practice) slide reading: Stechmücke, Tag und Nacht, Getta Life – Nimm das Leben in die Hand, Kölnisch Wasser (split screen version) b_books, Lübbener Strasse, Berlin (D)
2005 (20.4) Slide Reading with menu, Hitler Gegengift (Hitler Antidote – on his birthday) Poker Poems, Holding the Baby, Getta Life 150m3 Largus, Ausstellungs- und Projektraum (exhibition and project space) Mozartstr. 9 Cologne (D)
2006 (29.3.) slide reading of short stories with menu for the new moon, Holding the Baby, Getta Life, Poker Poems, Night and Day, Zagreus Project, Koch/Kunst/Galerie (Cookery/Art/Gallery), Berlin (D)
2006 (5.4.) Professional Practice Seminar with trailers: Kölnisch Wasser, Hotel Chelsea Köln, Golden Showers, Red Hot Pokers, Röslein Sprach…, Promised Land, Fine Art Department, Sheffield Hallam University (GB)
2006 (10.5) Körperbilder (Body Images), seminar with video trailers Kölnisch Wasser, Golden Showers, Hotel Chelsea Köln, Red Hot Pokers, Promised Land, Kunstverein Dortmund (D)
2006 (26.7.-9.8.) Screenings: Kölnisch Wassser (split screen version), Hotel Chelsea Köln, Golden Showers, Röslein Sprach… Seminars: Who’s Boss, 4 pm 26.-7 in the exhibition, and computer-based projection of Theme Park with talk: Theme Park Reconstructed in the exhibition space 4pm. 27.7., Tüzraktér Independent Cultural Centre, Budapest (HU)
2006 (14.8.) Promises: computer-based projection & Seminar: Theme Park Reconstructed, Fortnight of Solo Shows (2 Wochen Einzelausstellungen), Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum (GB)
2006 (3.11.-24.11.) 9-12 hours, workshop with pupils from the Anne-Frank-Realschule (secondary modern). Opening 20 Uhr 3.11. Who’s Boss, Bochumer Kulturrat, (D)
2009 (25.-26.3) March 25th, 6 p.m. SSC 026: video and power point presentation (short version): Avant Garde Dating. March 26th, 3:30 pm, A203, performance video Touch Me Not and power point presentation (long version): Self-portrait of a Self-hating Jew, guest lecturer, Department of Critical Studies (German) and Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, University of British Columbia, Okanagan (CAN)
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2009 (9.1) Slide readings: Getta Life and Holding the Baby, video screenings: False Premises, Kölnisch Wasser (split screen version), Blind Spot, 20 hours, photographic exhibition foyer: Sibling Rivalry (100 x 67 cm) & 2 portraits of Peter Zadek, 7.12.2008–28.1.2009, in the series “Jewish Impressions” Arkadas Theatre, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diverse Cultures) Cologne (D)
2009 (11.9) Tanya Ury, “Bitter-Sweet”, early video works: Trilogy (Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs), Break the Silence, Incommunicado, 8 pm, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diversity), Cologne (D)
2009 (10.12) The Souls of my dead relatives. The Jewish Family estate Ury-Unger – lost in the City Archives, in the series “Jewish Impressions”, solo power-point-presentation: Gewissen (Conscience), 7 pm, EL-DE-Haus, Nazi Documentation Centre, Cologne (D)
2010 (19-22.8) Installation of Video-Performance Fury, opening 7pm, 19th August, at kjubh KUNSTVEREIN (Art Centre), Dassel Strasse 75, Cologne (D)
2011 (2.8.) Presentation of Tanya Ury's Video-Performance Fury, 8 pm, curator Jürgen Stollhans, Fritz-Schramma-Halle, Auenweg 173 GEB 6, 51063, Cologne (D)
2012 (11.6) Tanya Ury is the featured artist with new works in the June edition online of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, University of Alberta, Canada, with Videos: Intimacy, cement & dark room; a series of 17 concrete poems, the photograph Alibijude, Selection from the Who’s Boss series, and 8 photos from Soul Brothers & Sisters, also 3 photos of Occupy in Strasbourg, from the Fading into the Foreground series; furthermore 5 toned poems (sound & music Kasander Nilist) and a peer review interview (text and Skype video) with Claude Desmarais, (CA)
2012 (7) Presentation of the video Kölnisch Wasser by Richard Jackson, for the seminar “Feminism and the Shoa - Jewish cultural destruction”, Anglo-American University Prague (cz)

2012 (30.10.) “Concentration Camp Tattoos in Israel - The Horrifying Number”, an article from Jerusalem by foreign correspondent Susanne Knaul, with a reader’s comment on Tanya Ury’s performance Kölnisch Wasser, online in the Taz (Tageszeitung) daily (D)!5080621/
2013 (11.7.-7.9) “Righting the Image” - The Literature Collection in Cologne (LiK) and the Cologne City Library, present an exhibition of Tanya Ury’s work. Opening event - Thursday, 11.7.2013, 8 pm. Introduction: Dr. Gabriele Ewenz, Director of the LiK-Archive, with Suspended Beliefs - improvised poetry with improvised music: Tanya Ury (voice), Gernot Bogumil (trumpet), Kasander Nilist (double bass), Hans Salz (percussion), Peter Worringer (e-guitar)
2014 (13.2.-21.4) Tanya Ury’s Hair Shirt Army, an installation, sponsored by the Kulturamt (Art’s Council Cologne), will be presented for the first time in the crypt of EL-DE-Haus, the Nazi Documentation Centre, Cologne (D), opening 7pm, 13th February, with an introduction by Professor Dr. Ernst van Alphen, Leiden University (NL). A programme of events includes a performance concert archive burn out with “Suspended Beliefs” on 10th April, poetry with improvised music: Tanya Ury (voice), Gernot Bogumil (trumpet), Kasander Nilist (double bass), Hans Salz (percussion)

2016 (21.5-30.6) Tanya Ury’s cunt prints 2013, presented for the first time are 2 framed series of 30 vibrant gouache body prints on paper. THANK SHOWS ART in the clothing boutique, Marsilstein 2, 50676 Cologne (D)