dark room



DVD: Sound installation, recorded during storm Andrea, in Cologne, from 3:22 pm on 5.1.2012, a 1-hour loop, to be played in a darkened room.


The audience sits in a darkened room and listens to the sound of breathing, accompanied by everyday sounds from round about (swallowing, traffic, stormy weather outside, furniture creaking, the fridge & freezer humming), over an extended time. The implications of dark room may be explicit, or implicit, calming or threatening, suggestive or elusive:

The heaving breathing of a telephone stalker.
The sounds of love-making in a club dark room.
The sound of breath-based meditation.
The sounds from a deathbed.
House ghosts during a storm.
A room where the photographer develops photographs.

The concept of this audio installation was developed during a period in 2010 when Ury was being treated for cancer; it is about the body in flux, an island of silence and wellbeing in a chaotic world.

A 1-hour mp3-version online is to be listened to with eyes shut.