A blue neon sign (59 x 15 cm)

Insurance price 2,500 Euro

This neon sign makes light of, or sheds light on the fact of the increasing growth of neo-Nazism in Germany and the rest of Europe. In combination with the neon sign wrestlewithyourangel, the idea that it is a matter of personal choice, which side of the fence one falls, is suggested.


Ury has also created other artworks that might be considered visual poetry. Moving Message 1992, incorporates an LED sign displaying the words: you are why; Sonata in Sea 1999-2000 is a photo series combined with poetry and wrestlewithyourangel 2001, is a neon sign produced together with the neon sign neonazi 2001; the title of a double photo portrait lesser is me more or less 2003 plays on the name of the German Post-Impressionist Lesser Ury, as does the title of a further double portrait or else 2007, which refers to the German writer Else Ury. The title of a third photo-portrait Beelzebularin 2005 (in the Promised Land series) reveals itself to be an anagram of the biblical Bezalel Ben Uri. half dimensional - semi detached 2010, combines the first of the half dimensional poems with the photograph semi detached.

<span class="year">2001</span> Photo Documentation: Doris Frohnapfel, Trinitatis Church Cologne (D)