Promised Land



A series of art works: consisting of photographs, objects and digitally handwritten texts, dedicated to Ela Ury



Right of Return

Pomegrenade - Occupying the Territories


Calving Trouble

Edition of 7


DVD 200 Euros

A DVD projection of image and sound, English Version 33 minutes, German Version 40 minutes, has also been produced.

Promised Land: Beelzebularin was awarded a commendation in the International Jewish Artists of the Year Awards, Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art (GB) 10.3.2007

Trailer 4 Minutes



Promised Land, about Ury’s family and the problematic of Israeli politics, encompasses art works and biographies that scrutinise Israel's history: 2 perspectives from 2 generations of different eras, the contemporary view and the biblical with creative license.

1. Tanya Ury an Anglo/German, Jewish artist writing and making art about the Shoah and its aftermath while living in Germany, tells her story.

2. Sylvia Ury’s story as told by Tanya. Sylvia fled with her Jewish parents from Nazi Germany to England as a child. As a young woman, in Palestine she decided to stay and fight in the War of Independence in Palestine; hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced during the Israeli/Arab wars of 1948 and 1967, who still wish to return to and live in Israel.

3. Bezalel Ben Uri is the artist who constructed the holy objects for Moses’ new monotheist God while still almost a child.

4. In this imagined tale, Uri ben Hur suspects that his son Bezalel may have assisted Aaron, Moses’ brother, in the creation of the golden calf. Uri points out the inconsistencies in Moses’ Law when promoting the case for murder and acquisition of another’s property in the conquest of the Promised Land.





Concept, text, performance and voice over: Tanya Ury
Text editor: Amin Farzanefar
German translation Gelobtes Land: Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar
Camera: David Janecek
Digital processing: Claudia Stasch
DVD edit: Rainer Nelissen
DVD image correction Pixel2motion - crossmediadesign



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New English Bible


The Trailer is an extract collation from different parts of the video.