The Senses: Ô d'Oriane


13 perfumed glass-framed photos with text, 50 x 76 cm (4.5 square metres)

Edition of 7
Catalogue ISBN 3-9804354-2-3, 10 Euro

The photo series was produced as digital compositing version for projection with soundtrack (English: 11:15 minutes, trailer 1:27 minutes and German: 13:30 minutes, trailer 1:33 minutes) in 2009, digital processing: Ingolf Pink, edit Mirco Sanftleben – Pixel 2 Motion, Cologne (D)

The Senses – a work collection:

A set of 13 perfumed photographs each 50 x 76 cm, are arranged on a wall (4,5 metres square) anticlockwise, in a not quite symmetrical circular shape. The sepia-toned, black and white photos taken in 1997 are of fashion stylist Claudia Stauch presenting herself as a model might, advertising shoes, underwear, different articles of clothing and herself.

The images have been digitally re-worked to incorporate English texts in black and gold tints. The quotations are from two short stories by Primo Levi and Italo Calvino: The Mnemogogues, from the book "The Sixth Day" by Primo Levi and The Name, the Nose from the book "Under the Jaguar Sun" by Italo Calvino. The extracts indicate how similar the two stories are. Both are about memory and pre-history associations with the sense of smell. Sensuality and perfumes are the preoccupations of The Mnemogogues set in Italy and The Name, the Nose a story spanning epochs and different locations: the Savannah, France of the belle époque and contemporary London. Although love and the mystification of the female sex is primarily addressed in both the short stories, the writers Levi and Calvino also concern themselves with mortality and the illusory nature of bodily pleasure. The photo series Ô d'Oriane is intended to resemble fashion photography where youth and beauty are icons. The fashion magazine world is peopled eternally by the young.


Tanya Ury