Touch me Not


1 Noli me tangere is the Latin version of the words spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalen, meaning "Do not touch me" (the quotation appears in John 20:17). The words were a popular trope in Gregorian chant, and the moment in which they were spoken was a popular subject for paintings. Its modern English meaning is "Do not disturb /interfere".



Video performance, 4:18 minutes

A split screen video of the performance (English and German versions) was produced in 2010.

A compilation video DVD of Touch me Not (4.18 minutes) and the article
Self-portrait of a Self-hating Jew (short version 30 minutes) with images was produced in 2010.


Tanya Ury wears a black blouse: the arms are tied behind her back like a straightjacket, while she stands speechless, bound as if gagged, and texts, with voice-over accompany the action, telling her experience of having hair that is considered unusual by most people.


Touch me Not, video performance