Triptych for a Jewish Princess Second Generation



Set of three black and white photographs
with English texts by Tanya Ury incorporating
Texts from 'Daddy' by Sylvia Plath

(H 167 cm x B 106 cm) x 3 framed photographs
Camera Doris Frohnapfel

Insurance value 10,000 Euros

An A2 Altarpiece print of the photoseries designed by Heinrich Miess was produced in 1996

Price A2 print 50 Euro

Information on the sizes on the back of the A2 print is incorrect:
Format 127 x 174 cm
not 173 x 110 cm



The photo series consists of 3 life-size self-portraits presented as a triptych. In the outer two photographs the artist is seen wearing a full-length leather German Luftwaffe coat from the last World War; she stands against a white background challenging the viewer. The coat is open, revealing her naked body. In the central image, she stands against a black background hugging the coat protectively, to her body. The printed texts in the central image are consecutively: verses from 'Daddy' a poem by Sylvia Plath, written in October 1962 and verses written by Tanya Ury. The texts are about anger and the over identification with the role of the Jewess as victim. They are also about the difficult relationship with Germany the fatherland and the German language itself.