Who’s Boss


Solo Exhibitions


2002 Fashion Victim, Jacob's Ladder (solo), Hochbunker Cologne-Ehrenfeld (9th Nov. 2002 Cologne's Long Museum's Night) (D)

2006 (26.7.-9.8.) Solo exhibition, Seminar in the exhibition, Tüzraktér Independent Cultural Centre, Budapest (HU)

2006 (3.11.-4.11.) Solo exhibition, 9-12 hours workshop with pupils from the Anne-Frank-Realschule (secondary modern). Opening 20 Uhr 3.11., Bochumer Kulturrat, (D)
 www.kulturrat-bochum.de, www.ruhr-guide.de, www.j-comm.de, www.kijukuma.de

2014 (13.2.-21.4.) Tanya Ury’s Hair Shirt Army, an installation, sponsored by the Kulturamt (Art’s Council Cologne), will be presented for the first time in the crypt of EL-DE-Haus, the Nazi Documentation Centre, Cologne (D), opening 7pm, 13th February, with an introduction by Professor Dr. Ernst van Alphen, Leiden University (NL). A programme of events includes a performance concert archive burn out with “Suspended Beliefs”, improvised poetry with improvised music: Tanya Ury (voice), Gernot Bogumil (trumpet), Kasander Nilist (double bass), Hans Salz (percussion)



Group Exhibitions


2004 Hair Shirt, Dresscodes, group exhibition, Kunstverein Neuhausen (D)

2005 "Stets gern für Sie beschäftigt..." ("Always glad to be of service ..."), ifa Galerie, group exhibition, Berlin (D)

2005 "Stets gern für Sie beschäftigt..." ("Always glad to be of service..."), group exhibition, Prora Dokumentationszentrum, Rügen (D)

2005 "Stets gern für Sie beschäftigt…" ("Always glad to be of service…"), Kunstverein Rosenheim (D) (Art Centre), group exhibition, Opening 9th November 2005, 19 hours. The exhibition is from 9th November till 6th January 2006

2006 (2.9.- end September) Group exhibition, Soul Brother Shaheen, Connection, Propeller, Berlin (D) 

2008 (25.4.-15.5) Who’s Boss: Boss Rune (T-shirts) & Röslein Sprach… (DVD), group exhibition, Open Space at the World-Ex-Position 08, Zentrum für Kunstprojekte Vienna http://www.openspace-zkp.org/english/exibithion.html http://www.metamute.org/en/node/11500 (AT)
2015 (22.3-1.11) 6 of 19 coats from Tanya Ury’s Hair Shirt Army is presented in Daniel Spoerri’s group exhibition “Lieben und Haben – Liebhaben, Sammeln und Sammler“ (Loving and Having – Cherishing, Collecting and Collectors). Spoerri’s 85th birthday exhibition is in the Spoerri Exhibition House, Hadersdorf am Kamp (A). The opening is Saturday 21st March 2015, at 4 pm http://www.spoerri.at/aktuelle-ausstellung.htm



Festivals & Events

2005 (7.12.) Seminar & trailer Röslein Sprach…, Conference: Jüdische Frauen in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Jewish Women in the Past and Present), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Wesseling nr. Bonn (D)
2006 (27.2.) Peer Critique, seminar with video trailer Röslein Sprach…, Ben Uri Gallery, London (GB)
2006 (14.-18.6.) Who’s Boss as archival material, Performing Rights Library a four-day conference and accompanying programme of live events Performance Studies international (PSi) #12: Performing Rights, Queen Mary, University of London (GB)
2006 (28.8.-3.9.) Who’s Boss as Seminar presentation, c.sides Festival, Jerusalem ICC (International Convention Center)(IL)
2007 (23.3.) On the online Feminist Art Base www.brooklynmuseum.org: Who’s Boss: Art Prize No.4, Who’s Boss: Your Rules, The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, The Brooklyn Museum, New York (USA)
2007 (4.-7.4) Who’s Boss power point presentation Saturday, April 7th, 8:00–9:30 a.m., Salon K , Fashion, Appearance and Consumer Identity, Popular Culture Association, Thirty-seventh Annual Meeting, Boston Marriott, Boston (USA) www.popularculture.org
2008 (16.-18.5) Who’s Boss power point presentation in German, Limmud-Festival Werbellinsee (Jugenderholungs- und Begegnungsstätte) www.limmud.de (D)
2012 (6) Tanya Ury is the featured artist new works in the June edition online of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, with Videos: Intimacy, cement & dark room; a series of 17 concrete poems, the photograph Alibijude, Selection from the Who’s Boss series, and 8 photos from Soul Brothers & Sisters, also 3 photos of Occupy in Strasbourg, from the Fading into the Foreground series; furthermore 5 Toned Poems (sound & music Kasander Nilist) and a peer review interview (text and Skype video) with Claude Desmarais, https://www.csj.ualberta.ca/imaginations/ (CA)
2017 (3.7.) Personal statement by Tanya Ury on her Who’s Boss, nomen est omen artworks and Katy Deepwell’s n.paradoxa publication, on its 20th anniversary, at a special conference on Local and Global Dynamics in Contemporary Art at the University of Middlesex, London (GB)