Soul Brothers & Sisters



A series of wooden-framed photographs, each: upright format W 38.13 x H 42 cm, landscape format B 51,63 x H 28 cm (Edition of 7)

Concept Tanya Ury
Camera: Tanya Ury
Digital processing: Claudia Stasch and Ingolf Pink

Insurance value: each picture 1,000 Euros

Since 2010, Tanya Ury has been working on the research project Who’s Boss – Empire’s New Clothes, as PhD. in Humanities candidate at Leiden University, Institute for Cultural Disciplines (NL)



Spring 2005, Hugo Boss manufactured and presented a new men’s cologne with the advertising campaign: Body, Mind and Soul: “Do you have what it takes to be successful? Behind the surface of every man is his soul. Sharpen your mind. Challenge your body.”


The photo series Soul Brothers & Sisters is a collage of the Hugo Boss “Body, Mind and Soul” advert digitally combined with portraits of people wearing Tanya Ury’s T-shirt with her transformed Boss Logo design that incorporates the SS Rune. Displaying the Nazi symbol is illegal in Germany. But a complete reappraisal of history is often not made; those depicted in Soul Brothers & Sisters are individuals who, having discovered the history of the fashion business Hugo Boss that made Nazi uniforms, with a forced labour personnel, wished to be involved in the exposure of this fact to a wider public.

  1. Soul Brother: Shaheen. Shaheen Merali artist and Head (of the section): Exhibition, Film, New Media, House of World Cultures, Berlin, March 2005. Background: "17.3-15.5.05" by Michael Lin, foyer, House of World Cultures.

  2. Soul Brother: Robert. Robert Lippok, musician, c.sides festival, Jerusalem (IL), 31.8.2006. Background: Beth Schmuel Hostel, Jerusalem.

  3. Soul Brother: Alex. Alexander Nikolic, artist, film maker, performer and researcher photographed at “Open Space”, Zentrum für Kunstprojekte (Centre for Art Projects), World-Ex-Position 08 Vienna 25.4.2008 (A)

  4. Soul Brother: Stefan. Stefan Lutschinger, free-lance artist and philosopher, photographed at “Open Space”, Zentrum für Kunstprojekte (Centre for Art Projects), at the World-Ex-Position 08, Vienna 25.4.2008 (A)

  5. Soul Brother & Sister: Amin and Lale. Amin Farzanefar, Film and culture publicist specialising in the Middle and Near Eastern cinema and Lale Konuk, manager of the Arkadas Theatre – Stages of Diverse Culture, Cologne, 2008 (D)

  6. Soul Sister: Tanja. Tanja Ostojic, interdisciplinary artist and cultural activist, at a gentrification site taking place in her neighbourhood in Berlin-Mitte, 5.11.2010

  7. Soul Sister: Iris. Iris Hefets-Borchardt, Israeli-Jewish political activist, in Café Bravo, Kunstwerke, Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 5.11.2010

  8. Soul Brother: Wayne. Wayne Yung, queer video artist, at home. in Berlin Prenzlauerberg, 6.11.2010

  9. Soul Brother: Amit. Amit Epstein, video and performance artist, fashion and theatre designer at his studio, in Berlin-Schöneberg, 8.11.2010

  10. Soul Sister Ruth: Ruth Novaczek, filmmaker with her artwork “Yid”, at her home in Finsbury Park, London, 3.12.2010

  11. Soul Brother Nick: Nick Stewart, artist, in the backyard of the Scooter Caffe, in London, 4.12.2010

  12. Soul Sister Cécile: Cécile Chich, art lover, writer, Queer activist, in London, 5.12.2010

  13. Soul Brother Roland: Roland Graeter (cello and voice improvisation) in front of Gerhard Richter’s “Bridge 14 FEB 45” (2000/2001), before the Music Marathon concert, # 194 in Tanya Ury’s flat, Cologne 13.7.2011